Welcome to Advantage List Marketing

Hi there! My name is Mark Murphy.

I started Advantage List Marketing in 1989 with a passion to provide the best customer service in the business. Things sure have changed in the list business over the years, but I still believe that an experienced list professional providing excellent service can be a key element to the success of your email or postal campaign.

You need expertise and service at every phase of your project including how to procure the right list or lists.

My goal is to be the best list professional that I can be by providing individualized service to each of my clients. Commitment to provide the best service possible is how I strive to reach my goal. You can depend on me to be a valuable contributor to your marketing team.

I will guide you through the good, bad and the ugly of lists available in the marketplace in order to get the right list for you.

Optimizing my more than 25 years of list marketing expertise I will help guide you through the list selection process, get you the best pricing and to deliver on time.

My allegiance is to my clients, not wholesalers or list owners. I will only recommend lists based on my client's best interests. I am an independent list broker. I do not represent or sell other companies data. 

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